December 7, 2021


Florida Asbestos Exposure Leading to Mesothelioma

Malignant mesothelioma, a deadly cancer caused by asbestos exposure, affects Floridians more than almost any other state in the United States. Because the symptoms of mesothelioma take thirty to fifty years to appear, the high percentage of retirees in Florida tend to be more affected by this terrible disease.

Danger Asbestos Warning SignMesothelioma is newly diagnosed in around three thousand United States citizens yearly. Many of these are Florida residents. Asbestos was heavily used between World War I, until after the end of the Vietnam War. As a result, countless citizens, especially those in the manufacture and military industries were exposed to asbestos.

As with most cancers, mesothelioma develops in four stages, with stage I being the least severe, and stage IV being the most severe. The prognosis for mesothelioma can range between 2-3 years for stage I and 2-3 months for advanced stage IV.

Mesothelioma is often considered an occupational illness because most frequently it is considered the side effect of asbestos exposure in the workplace. Visit the asbestos exposure page to learn more about industries in Florida that are at high risk for asbestos exposure.

When diagnosed with mesothelioma, it is important to remember that the prognosis for mesothelioma is continuously improving, especially with the introduction of experimental treatments. If you believe you may have been exposed to asbestos, in or outside of the workplace, it is most important that you watch for symptoms of mesothelioma. Early diagnosis is key to improved prognosis.

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